The Art Of Aerial Drone Photography and Videography

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Let Us Be Your Aerial Partner


Only $75.00 / 20 minutes or $225.00 / hour of Shooting 


Our operators are FAA Part 107 licensed  pilots have been successfully passed the safety and regulations tests in order to fly in the USA commercially. 


Aerial Drone Photography & Videography Shootings are a passion for us and this reflects the quality of the missions we perform.


We commit our hours and days for our clients to get them the best possible results, from image quality to editing.


Pre-Flight preparations, client based shooting parameters, timing and much more professional steps in the business are always at the high priority level at all times.

Every client is unique as well as every client's need is unique so we always approach every mission in an unique manner.

  • Commercial Buildings Aerial Photography

  • Commercial Sites Aerial Photography

  • Construction Sites Aerial Photography

  • Real Estates Aerial Photography

  • Weddings Aerial Photography

  • Birthdays Aerial Photography

  • Parties Aerial Photography

  • Golfing Aerial Photography

  • Clubs Aerial Photography

  • Rowing Aerial Photography

Ever thought of being recorded by a flying camera while golfing, partying, celebrating, rowing ?

A Real Estate listing with a video shot from the sky and revealing details of the property? An impact on your business !