DRONES are becoming so popular lately. As many people started to use these flying cameras , Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set some rules to make the airspace safe and secure . These rules are related with the DRONE itself  such as weight and the operator who may fly accordingly. In the USA all the DRONES ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) weighing up to 0.55 pounds do not need to be registered if would be used for hobby purposes. If the weight of the aircraft is more than 0.55 pounds or less but for commercial use , the FAA registration should be done which is simple by going to FAA Drone Zone portal. Also the operator of the DRONE ( Drone Pilot ) needs to be registered as well if the UAV flight will be for commercial purposes. Drone Pilot Registration is being certified by the FAA gaining privilege to operate a DRONE in the USA commercially . In order to be certified, the pilot needs to take the FAA test. 

                  Flying at the maximum altitude of 400 feet, always keeping the DRONE within visual line-of-sight, flying below 100 mph, yielding right of way to manned aircraft , never flying directly over people are the common and the most important rules every operator must follow . 

                  Drone Operations must be executed during the day time unless having an authorization from the FAA . 

                  When you hire us for your shootings , the lightening and the whether conditions are very important. Sun is the main source of the light and can be adjustable by using some filters but if the source is not enough ( cloudy, rainy ) the image quality goes down . We strongly urge you to discuss your project and the conditions in order to met your requirements.

                   The DRONES we fly use a battery for the power. Turning on, adjustments, take off, flight and landing consume fully charged battery in about 25-30 minutes depend on the flight parameters and the wind conditions. We always carry at least 3 batteries which will give us a range of 75-90 minutes operation time and 20-60 minutes of recording time.

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