Drones with Cameras AKA Flying Cameras

Beside the legal requirements to operate a drone, controlling is actually the easy part. The advanced part and paying attention side is always the safety of the flight, to the surrounding objects, people, pilot and the drone itself. Even the new generation controllers or the applications used for controlling the drone with the mobile phones like DJI Fly App have strong communication interface , give the pilots great power to make the drones move vertically and horizontally , side to side, forward and backward as well as yaw (rotation to the desired direction) .

With all the flight safety features of the inner technology of the drones, unwanted circumstances would happen time to time due to the many factors so the pilots need to be extremely careful during the flight in order to prevent accidents and crashes. A human can easily performs biking , driving , riding etc. but every other performance teaches us how to improve our skills and gives us experience and makes us a better performer. Flying a drone has the same concept . Every flight gives us that experience and confidence to deal with the bad scenarios . Over all these little electronics are safe to operate just need attention while flying.

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