Every Real Estate listing comes with images in order to reveal the details of the property to the viewers. Shooting low quality images doesn’t look good on the advertising web sites, any more since we are in 2020. In the USA we are surrounded by beautiful residential and commercial properties and these buildings deserve the best marketing when they are in the market. Aerial Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography gives that gentle touch to the listed items with the high-quality recording and shooting parameters used by the DRONES in other words flying cameras.

Thanks for the technology, a cinematic look with the color grading, introduction watermarks, intros of the Real Estate company, communication information and much more can be attached to the shootings so that the potential customers would view the listings like they are watching a movie.

Potential Real Estate buyers also would like to see the neighborhood, the surrounding buildings of the listed property, the roads with current traffic, public buildings so they can see the real value of the property from an eye of a bird with the help of the DRONES.

A DRONE can easily show every corner of the property up and down, side by side , garden, backyard, pool, garage, balconies, roof , the path to outdoors, sea etc.

Drone Photography and Videography is an open space that a Real Estate Agent or a Drone Pilot would shoot hundreds of angles, distances, altitudes. So, the Preflight Shooting Lists and The Scenarios should be prepared before recording and taking pictures in order to use the valuable time of the viewers efficiently. The videos should be not too long neither too short. The most interesting sides of the property, the scenery and the best shooting positions with the durations are the main subjects of the Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography.

Sun is the main lightening source for the shootings. More sun light would make the images so shine but can be reduced by using the right ND (Neutral Density) Filters by the DRONE OPERATOR. The camera recording and shooting settings are also very important. The strength of the sun at the time of the shooting, ND filters, camera settings will provide the best images while recording and these images can be edited for additional cinematic touch in the studio and after all a great clip for the listed property will be created , ready to be published for the potential customers. Unfortunately, heavy windy, rainy and snowy days are not safe for DRONE flights and also overcast cloud conditions would reduce the image quality due to the low sunshine.

DRONES get their power from the rechargeable batteries and provide around 15-30 minutes of time for their operators for all the operation, from turning on to settings, flight and landing. DJI Mavic Air 2 which was released on April 27th, 2020 is the newest model of World’s Leading UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturer provides 30 minutes operation time and at least 20 minutes of shooting time if the DRONE OPERATOR has experience and the pre-flight plan is set, with a single battery. An experienced DRONE PILOT should be aware of every aspects of the operation and always carry additional batteries.

Any Comments or Questions? We are looking forward to hear from you!!!

Lucas Parker / Drone Operator

Parker Enterprise

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