Summer Special for Businesses within 50 miles of New York City and whole Long Island , we will be flying and shooting Aerial Drone Videos for your advertisings and editing the videos and create a 10 minutes or less clip free of charge . The drone flights should be performed compliance of FAA rules and regulations, there are no fly zones and restricted air spaces that we won't be able to perform our flight and the whether conditions should met safe Drone Flight conditions. 

Subject to availability 

Within 50 miles of New York City and whole Long Island Area

Call for Free Shootings for other areas

Business Properties Aerial Drone Photography & Videography 

Short clip is going to be a maximum edited 10 minutes 1080p resolution video file 

or 1 hour raw videos or/and photos shot during 1 hour flight 

Must be confirmed by Parker Enterprise upon availability  

The clip will be used on this web site www.parkerenterprise.org for reference 

Subject to USA FAA rules and regulations

Subject to necessary flight permits and permissions

Offer ends on 08.15.2020

Contact us for details

Please email us at lucas.parker@outlook.com and put subject Covid19Business for your free booking

Parker Enterprise has right to reject the mission

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